Are you ready to submit your work for our consideration?

check mark Your book is completely drafted and has received enough editing to be ready for critique by others 
check mark  You have decided that the lengthy process of agent queries and traditional publishing is not right for you at this time (Note: our contract does not preclude you from a traditional publishing deal later…read more. 
check mark  You are intrigued by self-publishing but want expert help navigating the complex process. 

If you can answer the above questions in the affirmative please complete our submission process by emailing us.

Include in the body of your email (we will not open files with attachments) the following:

1. The title and synopsis of your book in 400 words or fewer including genre and target audience.

2. An overview of where you are in your writing project. Did you have a writing group? Has the book been

professionally edited and/or an editorial review done?

3. A paragraph describing your writing background and credentials.

4. A sentence or two about why Like Rain Publishing’s business model appeals to you.

5. Two sample chapters of your choice

Please put the word “submission” in the subject line and your last name. We only respond to email sent to:, and we commit to doing so within ten business days. Believe us, we have been on the other end and the waiting game stinks.

We are thrilled whenever we launch authors to success that attracts attention from big-name publishing houses. If this happens to you, our contract allows for a mutually fair buyout option that compensates Like Rain for our up-front investment in you. A modest one-time payment incentivizes us to help you reach your ultimate goals in whatever form that might take.

What we do:
We only select projects that are a good fit with our publishing brand. If chosen, your book will be in print with a legitimate publisher for as little as $500 up front. This basic setup includes:

  • • An editorial review of your book which includes objective and invaluable recommendations to get your book in shape for publishing. This service alone typically costs $500 from a professional such as ours.

  • • Step-by-step help through the process including:

o Timeline management that breaks the process into logical steps, the order in which to complete

them, and turn-around time required.

o Explanation of the key decisions you need to make and the pros-and-cons of each option.

o Do-it-yourself templates and checklists or if you prefer, personal matchmaking to talented

professionals. This is for each phase from editing, cover design, interior layout, website

development, distribution, and marketing.

  • • An ISBN assigned to both your print and ebook versions
  • • Usage of our imprint name, logo and publisher’s address (SAN)
  • • Registration with the Library of Congress, Bowker’s Books in Print, the U.S. Copyright office (if you provide us two print books or manuscripts) and submission to Ingram.
  • • Listing on our website with a link to your web page, which improves your Google search rating.
  • • A customized printing bid from quantities as few as one (print-on-demand), 250, 500, 1000 and more.
  • • A customized outline of marketing strategies for your book.

So why not just do it all yourself and save the $500? Great question. You have more options than ever to do that because many excellent free resources are out there today to help indie publishers. CreateSpace has really been a game changer. They have excellent resources and their blog forums are a wealth of information. There are a gazillion sites out there offering advice, and it’s not hard to find freelance designers and editors to help you for a price. So if you have sufficient background to launch your book then by all means go for it!

But here’s the deal, all that is time consuming and some steps require technical expertise that might be outside your skillset. Do you know how to create a website? Do you want to do ecommerce? Do you even know where to start in the publishing process? What needs to be done and when? Do you want to learn the finer points of interior layout? Do you understand all the distribution channels available, how to calculate margins, and where to set your pricing so you don’t lose money?

You are a smart cookie, but how much time do you want to invest in learning all this? In addition, doing it right can be tricky when the industry is changing so rapidly. Many resources out there are out-of-date or rely on one person’s limited experience. It can take hours to sort the fact from fiction and the hyperbole from what should really concern you. There are a gazillion little things you need to know. Some will make a big difference in your credibility, and other choices are neither right nor wrong but that have ramifications you should understand.

It is our sole job to stay up on the industry’s latest developments and create a menu of options so you can choose the right level of help. We walk you through it and can save you significant time and money. We will help you present your work with a level of sophistication you might struggle to achieve alone.

Another reason to consider us is that our imprint offers credibility you cannot get as a self-published author. As self-publishing becomes easier, it also allows a lot of garbage to get to market. How will you differentiate your work?

Finally as an established publishing house with negotiating leverage, we can get nearly everything for a better price than you can. There are also things you cannot do as a self-published author, such as apply with the Library of Congress.



Mom and Girl readingDiscover a great new author today. Our latest titles provide a fresh perspective in genres including inspirational memoir, parenting, spirituality, business management and even home improvement. 


Woman writingWe specialize in helping authors navigate the publishing world, create a unique platform and get noticed. A full range of services help emerging authors who want the control and higher margins afforded by today’s dynamic self-publishing options without going it alone. We know how intimidating this business can be, so our process is straightforward and comes bundled with encouragement. 


Designers meetingYou have honed your craft and we can package it as beautifully as good writing deserves. From unique cover design to web development to custom photography we can get your ideas all dressed up with somewhere to go.